We are not just another company that builds websites and software. We are devoted IT people who love to build applications with innovations and good architecture and perform design as an art that represents your business online perfectly.

Being a group of IT service providers we believe in providing support back to the community by building open source applications, which help developers with the ease of development and to start from scratch.

What do we believe?

You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide...Wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please...Fill the contact form on our website. We wish you a good day! You will find the latest information about us on this...

Codex creates software not only to satisfy the needs of the clients but to create a difference in how people work and what software means to them.

A website does not mean just a few HTML pages. It means business flow and if you are looking for business then you are at the right place to start and aim big.

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